Held from 16th to 19th November at the Fira de Barcelona’s Montjuïc fairgrounds

AutoRetro 2017 fulfilled the expectations

The International AutoRetro Barcelona Motorshow was visited by 48,000 people, with the participation of 250 exhibitors and exposed 500 historical vehicles

This was the most emotional Edition with various events that honored from the pilots of the 24 hours of Montjuic, to the coachbuilder Pedro Serra, the pilot Ramon Torras, rally Costa Brava, the Elizalde factory, the Siata Spanish company and the competition “Subida al Montseny”.

Barcelona, November 2017.- The 34th edition of the International AutoRetro Barcelona Motorshow opted for action as a complement to the business and met the expectations. With a parallel program, consisting of more than one score of proposals for all tastes and ages. It was also confirmed that younger generations renewed interest in classic motoring.

AutoRetro was held from 16th to 19th November at the Fira de Barcelona’s fairgrounds and recorded the visit of 48,000 people. Classic cars desire was lived in every corner of the 50,000 square meters that occupied this edition in Hall 2, where stood the commercial activity; Hall 1 where was located the parking of classic cars; and at Universe square, the space in which the outside activities were centralized.

The 2017 the AutoRetro Barcelona Motorshow, Dean of those held in all Spain, brought together more than 250 exhibitors, were 500 of cars and motorcycles from all periods and concentrated in the parking lot of classics around 1,000 vehicles from particulars in rotation throughout the four days.



AutoRetro Barcelona Motorshow opened this year with a preview day for collectors and professionals from the classic vehicles world, allowing to generate the first sales in a relaxed environment aimed at fostering a better business.

The trade show back to Hall 2 of Fira has been welcomed great by the visiting public, since the design of this space allowed to organize the show more efficiently and therefore improved the visits of the fans.


At the AutoRetro Barcelona Motorshow were marketed historical cars from brands like Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, Hispano-Suiza, Seat, Citroen, etc. And motorcycles Montesa, Vespa, Lambretta, BMW, Lube, Norton, Ossa, Harley-Davidson, Henderson, Derbi, Bultaco, Yamaha, and Suzuki, among many other brands.


This year joined the commercial offer the company Hurtan, dedicated in Granada to the artisan manufacture of classic cars, inspired in the years 40 and 50 vehicles, and the Automobilia area brought together professionals of spare parts, accessories, complements and bookshops.


The intense program of activities allowed to live very emotional moments with the tributes dispensed to the coachbuilder Pedro Serra, to the participating pilots in the golden age of the 24 hours of Montjuic, the factory Elizalde, Siata Spain brand, the pilot Ramón Torras, the rally Costa Brava and “Rise to Montseny” competition.

The International AutoRetro Barcelona Motorshow paid homage to the Catalonian Pedro Serra, considered the best Spanish coachbuilder of all time. The personal Serra seal, creative and professional, was coined in signature models such as Pegaso, Rolls-Royce, Autonacional Biscuter, Renault, Citroën, Dodge, Ford and BMW, but, above all, on SEAT.

A public ceremony and an exhibition with twelve vehicles could be seen in AutoRetro Motorshow: the prototype of the Dodge Boulevard, recently rescued from thirty years of neglect, and the Dodge Boulevard MM30, the sportier range, both considered his culmination works;


one of the seven Pegaso Z-102 cabriolet commissioned by the engineer Wifredo Ricart, CEO of ENASA, and that meant his international recognition; three SEAT 1400, one of them in process prior to the restoration, the close and fruitful collaboration that developed the coachbuilder Serra with the brand of Martorell; and a selection of creative proposals as a Renault 4 CV cabriolet, a Citroën Dyane coupé, a MG Crazy and an Autonacional Biscuter 200 F.


Thirty pilots of the 24 hours of Montjuic, eleven of them winners of this mythical resistance race, gathered within the framework of AutoRetro to review experiences accumulated in the best years of this competition, between 1975 and 1981.



We celebrate also the “end of the party” the 60th anniversary of the SEAT 600, which has commemorated throughout the year. The little car was the protagonist of the institutional exposure of SEAT with four models representing important moments of the process of production of this popular car that ranged between 1957 and 1973: series N (the first), D (1963), E (1970) and L (the latest). In addition, Club 600 Barcelona 2017 convened a concentration that brought 150 units.


We relived the rally Costa Brava with the pilots Salvador Servia and Luis Moya. We recalled the factory Elizalde with the presentation of the book about this company, written by the historian Manuel Garriga, and the motorcycle rider Ramon Torras. We reviewed the Siata Spain production; and we talked about the “rise to Montseny” with journalist Josep Casanovas and pilot Juan Fernández.


The expositive supply of AutoRetro included programming various monographic exhibitions such as the one of the firefighters of Barcelona, who displayed a 1896 steam pump; Military vehicles of the Association of historical vehicles and high performance; tractors in the collection of the Museum of the Tractor D’epoca of Castellbisbal; the Paris-Dakar rally-raid and Ferrari, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the brand.


Interactive activities: meetings, circuits to scale, Montjuïc Legend Series and Start your Engines.

The programme of activities included a series of actions that involve visitors in the motorshow. Thus, the Valentín Motors company performed live the complete assembly of a Porsche engine aircooled. The experience was carried out on an engine belonging to a 911 930/66 turbo 1988 that develops 300 HP.


In addition, a slot track and a circuit of 4 x 4 off road scale was available; also it was organized a year more the Montjuïc Legend Series, a program of parades with classic cars by the ancient route of the urban circuit; and started to turn on your engines-Start your Engines, an evocative proposal that allowed us to feel the passion for the motor through its sounds.

AutoRetro Barcelona is an exhibition initiative organized by ERMEvents. In this 34th edition we have been sponsored by Zalba Caldú insurance brokerage, and the collaboration of Iberia and Renfe.


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