The 35th International Motorshow will be held from 18 to 21 October at the Fira de Barcelona-Montjuïc Fairgrounds

AutoRetro Barcelona 2018 will put in movement classic vehicles of all the times

The Motorshow adds to his commercial offer a spectacle of action that will set to roll cars and motorcycles with history on a circuit of exhibition indoor

Bentley and Ferrari Classiche add to the lineup of brands that exhibit in this edition

Barcelona, October 2018.- AutoRetro Barcelona does not want to remain still. The International Motorshow of the Classic Vehicle will celebrate his 35th edition with the launch of a circuit of exhibition on which cars and motorcycles with history will run throughout the four days of the event, from 18 to 21 October.

This offer of moving show will be celebrated in the palace 1 and it is added to the commercial offer that traditionally gives itself appointment in the Pavilion 2 of Fira of Barcelona-Montjuïc; the parking for classic vehicles and meetings of clubs will be enabled in the Universe Square. AutoRetro 2018 will have in this way 50.000 square meters exclusively destined to the classic motoring.

The fans and collectors will have the possibility of seeing in movement classic vehicles belonging to individuals, clubs and entities. They will circulate along this track in different passes, a collection of vehicles of diverse times that will allow us to visualize on the only space the evolution of the history of the automotion; vehicles of transport of urban and inter-city travelers of TMB’s collections (Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona) and Sagalés; Firemen’s historical vehicles of the parks of Barcelona and Manresa; vehicles of cinematographic productions; military units of the Second World War; the cars and motorcycles participants in the Montjuïc Legends Series; a selection of all the models and versions of the mythical Seat 600, etc. The activity in the Pavilion 1 will be permanent, to the spectacle in movement the opening will join the public of the paddock of the vehicles participants, the space destined for the fans’ clubs and the monographic exhibitions that will be established in this space.

The innovations in AutoRetro do not end here. In this 2018 and on the occasion of the celebration of his 35 edition we will celebrate an honoring to the pioneers of the Motorshow, those fans who took part with his classic vehicles in the first editions. To them and to his vehicles we will dedicate the Concours d’Élégance that we will start this year and that we will celebrate in the evening of Thursday, the 18 October, coinciding with the day Preview for Collectors of AutoRetro.

Commercial activity

AutoRetro 2018 will concentrate in the Pavilion 2 of Fira of Barcelona the whole commercial activity typical of this event. Near 300 exhibitors proceeding from Spain and diverse European countries they will take part in this appointment of commercial and managerial action. Restoration and commercialization of cars and motorcycles with history; refills and pieces; complements; textile; publishing houses and related companies, they will be the represented areas.

The segment of the classic cars will possess the participation of the signatures Bentley and Ferrari Classiche, which add to Porsche and Mercedes-Benz with tradition already in this Motorshow. The restorers’ presence and independent sellers there will guarantee the availability of units of brands with so many crossbeam as Aston Martin, Hispano Suiza, Jaguar, Bugatti, Rolls-Royce or products as popular as Seat, Renault, Citroën, etc.

Apart from this, the world of two wheels will be excellently represented by the principal companies of this segment by units of prewar and classic of brands like Harley-Davidson, Montesa, Ossa, Ducati, Lambretta, Vespa, Norton, Bultaco, Honda, Lube, etc.

AutoRetro’s commercial offer completes with Automobilia’s area and the space Car & Bike Corral dedicated to the dealing between individuals of vehicles, cars and motorcycles previous to 1990, one section that this year grows for the increase of the demand of participation.

Program of activities

AutoRetro already initiated several editions ago a proactive path, directed to generating a major implication with the Motorshow of all the agents (persons, entities, etc.) that feel the classic engine as a passion. In this path, we stimulate the development of a wide program of activities, which develop in parallel to the commercial action of the event, and that they chase to put in value and to promote the legacy of individuals, professionals and groups.

We will produce honoring to Jaime Alguersuari Tortajada, ex-bike rider, graphical journalist, publishing and promoter of events, and Benjamin Grau, ex-bike rider, eleven times champion of Spain of Speed and five times national champion of Resistance, account in his credit with seven victories in 24 Hours of Montjuïc.

We will see and speak about dirt bikes (TT) with the stamp Made in Spain. We will assemble the Catalan pilots who competed in this modality between 1959 and 1980 and will expose some units of Bultaco, Montesa, Puch and Ossa of the age.

The program of activities will complete with monographic exhibitions, meetings of classic clubs and the Montjuïc Legends Series, tours in classic for the former tracing of the Barcelonian circuit between other offers of leisure and history

AutoRetro Barcelona 2018 is organized by ERMEvents, a company highly qualified in the organization of fairground initiatives of international character with the world of the motoring as protagonist. This company starts anually, besides the AutoRetro Barcelona Motorshow, MotoMadrid, ClassicAuto Madrid and AutoRacing Madrid.


AutoRetro Barcelona 2018

35th International Motorshow of the Classic Vehicle

Location: Hall 1-2 Montjuïc Fairgrounds-Fira de Barcelona

Dates: from 18 to 21 October 2018

WEB page:

Organized by: ERMEvents. Classic Racing & Motor Events.

Calle Aribau, 197-199 1st floor. 08021 Barcelona

Ph.: +34 935 159 833. E-mail:

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